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Contest: Enter To Win A Visa Gift Card

Enter To Win $100 Visa Gift Card
Enter to win a Visa Gift Card! You Must Be 18 years old and a resident of the United States.

Daily Quotes: Networking Isn’t About How Many You Know

Quote of the day
Networking Isn't About How Many You Know, It's How Many People Know You, Wealth of Words By Amit Kalantri

Side Hustle Episode 3: Basic Podcast Equipment Part Two

Basic Podcast Equipement
If you are interested in starting a podcast, one of the first things you should do is get the right equipment. In this podcast I rundown some basic equipment you need to get started

Daily Quote: Most People Can Learn A Lot More Than They Think

Quote of the day

Side Hustle Episode 2: Mobile Disc Jockey Profits

Side Hustle: DJ Profits
Love Music? Did You Know There Are Disc Jockeys Making A Fortune On The Weekends

Side Hustle Episode 1: Podcast for Profits Part One

Side Hustle: Episode 1: Podcast Profits
we are going to talk a little bit about what podcasting is and go over some of the common terminology, so you can have a better understanding of how it works.

Episode 3: How To Avoid Freelance Scams

How to avoid freelance scams
Many people dream of making a living from home by writing. Some need the flexibility and just want to get out of the 9 to 5 grind. Others have health or other challenges that prevent them from getting a regular job.

Episode 2: Email List Building Systems

Posted 2020/06/06 By Podcast Host Michael DeMattee A strong email list coupled with a creative email marketing strategy can be one of the best ways to generate more revenue for your existing customers and attract new business from leads and prospects interested in your products and services. This episode is a follow up from episode 1 that [More]

Episode 1: Over-Hyped Sales Pitches

For this episode I am going to be touching on the many disappointments in over-hyped, shining new marketing software that are just ripping you off.