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Episode 1: Over-Hyped Sales Pitches

Posted 2020/06/03 By Podcast Host Michael Anthony

Hi, this is Michael Anthony and for this episode I am going to be touching on the many disappointments in over-hyped, shining new marketing software that are just ripping you off. I will also be discussing ways to avoid being ripped off by these manipulative sales pitches.


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Gina D says:

Thank you for your informative podcast post. I agree, I feel as if I am being swindled every time I see something that I believe would help me in my home based business. I now have a sense of mistrust and its an awful feeling. I really appreciate you telling it like it is. Even though you are not intentionally putting that vendor on blast its great you are being transparent about your mishaps and unfortunate loss. I look forward to your next episode!

Shawn Miller says:

First, awesome information. I agree there are so much over hyped products out there that promises you the world but hardly or never delivers. Often times I have found I made the purchase and had what I thought was I minor issue and not even a response back. It is horrifying and breaks my wallet. Question, you mention above about how you use the email building program above and in you podcast. Why do you prefer this program as opposed as what many marketer (who I think about now since listening to your program) over hype other programs? Thank you for your real messages I am looking forward to you next episodes to come! ~Shawn

publisher says:

Hi Shawn,

Thank you for the comments. I am glad you are able to find our new podcast episode useful. Our goal in our program is to get you real discussion on things that will help make you sound decisions. We will also be your guinea pig on the many internet products and programs that says it will help you build a better business or create you a way to deliver income to your bank. I have tried so many programs out there over the years and many were never as they claim they were, hell some never worked. As a business I hold my ethics and networking with people to the highest standards. So, for me, it is important that if I sale something that I stand by it, I support it, and if there are issues I am transparent. That is a business model anyone doing business should have.

As for the email system I use, I adopted the system because it helps me offer (1) a means to build an email list of real people that I can build a relationship with for the long term, (2) I wanted a system where real people who I can communicate with are working for me in my best interest to help build a business with me and that is what Devon and his team does for me, (3) Devon has excellent advice and superb training to help me stay focused and to give me ideas that I have not thought of, (4) Once he set the path to a successful email building process he help puts money in you bank. Stay tuned I will be producing sometime this week that will go into additional details as to why it is important to build an email list rather your are a brick and mortar business or an internet based home business. Thank you again Shawn and look forward to your future input and comments. Much success my friend!

~Michael Anthony

publisher says:

Hi Shawn, new to WordPress comments. The email program mentioned is an automated system that has creativity designed opt in and bridge pages that compliment capturing email to help grow my email list to market my podcast and other services. While I can certainly find and piece together the process myself it is too time consuming. The system helps me focus on my content rather then email gathering. It also creates copy written sequential emails that are constantly sent to keep my email list engaged by offering them handpicked affiliate offers that pay high commissions, but are likely to covert to sales. The developer also has ongoing training for its members that help you build a huge list which is a piece of mind and rare for developers of these types of programs to support. If you have not tried yet you should give it a try and see what I mean. Thank you for following our podcast Shawn. Have a great day!

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